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Leading Cold Room Manufacture in Malaysia

Cold Room Panels


We are a manufacturer of prefab polyurethane insulation modular cold room panel of walk-in cooler panel and walk-in freezer panel in Malaysia. We offer various sizes of best quality polyurethane cold room panels for walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.

Cold Room


We are a Malaysia premier manufacturer of custom built cold room and environmental rooms. We are the first choice for cold room design and installation. We provide excellent service for cold room solutions and walk-in refrigerators.



Our manual sliding doors are designed for freezer and chill applications to assist with temperature control in distribution & storage facilities. The heavy duty, robust design provides a long lasting door in demanding distribution/storage areas.

Refrigerated Truck Body


We manufacture thermally-efficient, durable and reliable insulated refrigerated truck bodies primarily for multi-stop refrigerated distribution. Our refrigerated truck bodies are designed and built to handle the challenges of temperature-sensitive product delivery.

Why Use Industrial Cold Room?

A cold storage room is a refrigerated warehouse that is designed to store products that should be kept at a certain temperature. If your company relies on having its products at a temperature below the outside you should consider using an industrial cold room in Malaysia. Here are the main reasons:

Safe and Separate Storage Space
An industrial cold room contains a modern security system that protects the products and can be securely locked to make sure they stay in perfect condition. In case there is a blackout, these storage rooms have a modern built-in system that will prevent the products from spoiling and making the company lose money. They have exclusive alarm and security systems that will make your employees feel safe.
Better Option Than Fridges and Freezers
For commercial kitchens or other facilities where there is a large number of products that need to be stored at a particularly low temperature, it is more efficient and affordable to get an industrial cold room, especially if the doors are going to be opened and closed often. The access to the room is determined by the type of door you choose, it can be a swing door for high-traffic areas, a sliding type that works with top technology, or a sectional rolled-up or hinge door type. Those doors are made of high-quality insulated material to control the loss of temperature. The rooms contain a modern lighting system that allows people to easily see and locate the stock.
Control The Temperature
Industrial cold rooms are created according to the business needs and this includes creating a customizable temperature control system that can be programmed into a specific temperature that you won't find on even the newest fridges and freezers. It is a flexible system that adapts itself to the requirements of the products.