Type Of Cold Rooms in Malaysia

Indoor Snow

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Wong Brothers have constructed all four (4) indoor snow center in Malaysia since 1991. Our scope of service can be a turnkey contractor, design consultant or joint venture partner.

With proper marketing and right location, indoor snow center is very profitable with return within 3 years.

The first indoor snow center, 'Four Season Environment Controlled Chamber', was constructed in Shah Alam in year 1990. This 1300m2 research facility simulate temperate climate by controlling air temperature, lights intensity, carbon dioxide, and etc to enable temperate plants to grow in tropic climate of Malaysia. During winter season (July to September), artificial snow is introduced.

The second indoor snow center is the Snow House at Mines Wonderland, Sungai Besi, at about 5km south of Kuala Lumpur which was constructed in year 1994. This 1000m2 recreational facility allowed public to experience winter environment and housed a permanent ice carving display, ice slide and 'snow flake' falling area.

The third project is the Snowland at MegaMall, Butterworth in year 1998. Megamall Snowland is the first indoor ski center in the country with the area of 1600m2, a 42m curved slope and a snow playing area.

The forth creation is the 2000m2 Snow World at Genting Highland, during school holiday and weekend, daily ticket sales reached RM28 000 (USD7300). This 1500m2 indoor snow center is designed for snow playing and skiing. The quality of man made snow is similar to those in winter ski resort, natural, filtered, safe for children and allowing proper skiing, snow board, snow blade, etc. The snow center can be located in shopping mall, amusement park or stand alone.

A snow center may include the following facilities:

  • 45m slope for skiing, toboggan, tube slide.
  • Curve slope for children slide and beginner skiing.
  • Mini Ice skating Ring.
  • Snow Playing Area.
  • Ice Caving Exhibition

Clean Room

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Wong Brothers Prefab Polyurethane Panels are used widely for clean rooms construction in electronic, semiconductor, food and telecommunication industry. Wong Brothers Prefab Polyurethane Panels System offers;

  • Short construction period.
  • Clean environment.
  • Energy saving.
  • Flexible to reconfigure.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Wong Brothers Prefab Panels System has a large range of optional accessory available to accommodate various design requirements.

Nestle Sugar Factory, Chembong was completed in May 1998. To achieve stringent hygiene requirement, the whole factory was enveloped with Wong Brothers prefab polyurethane panels covering 7,000 m2 floor area with height up to 11.5m.

Wong Brothers Prefab Polyurethane Panels
Panel Thickness :
50mm to 150mm
Panel Length :
Up to 12.0m in one piece
Finish :
Polyester coated steel, PVC coated steel, PVF2 coated steel, aluminium, stanless steel in various thickness
Foam :
40kg/m3 fire retarded
Locking System :
Camlock, H-lock, etc
Ceiling Suspension :
Mushroom head, custom made aluminium profile, etc
Coving :
PVC or aluminium type wall coving to reduce dust collection
Window :
Fixed, openable, single glazed, double glazed, etc
Foam :
40kg/m3 fire retarded
Telekom Cabin
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We have supplied PU Telecommunication Cabin to all leading Tele-communications operator such as MAXIS, CELCOM and DIGI in Malaysia.

Our PU Telecommunication cabin has the following features:

  • Direct outdoor installation
  • Flexible transportation and fast installation
  • Suitable for use in complex weather conditions
  • Applications: Traffic lines, Scenic spots, Commercial centers, remote regions, Shortened networks, construction usage
  • Dimensions: Customized to customers' requirement


Refrigerated Warehouse

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We were the turnkey contractor for the RM 6.0 million David's Distribution cold store project. The scope of work includes design, supply, construct and commission prefab polyurethane panels, doors, ammonia refrigeration systems, super flat floor ( +/- 3 mm tolerance over 3m radius), electrical, and etc. Upon completion, this 46000 m3 facility is the largest cold store in the country, recognized as the best design in the region, and with the lowest running cost per m3.

Equipment at David's Distributions, Shah Alam
Size :
135L x 36W x 9.5H (m)
Volume :
Temperature :
20 D.Celsius – 29 D.Celsius
  • 150mm thick Wong Brothers prefab polyurethane panels with 0.6mm thick polyester coated steel finish
  • 6x Manual Sliding Door
  • 2x Automatic Sliding Door
  • 2x Wrapped Up Door
  • 10x Rolled Up Door
  • 7x Hinged Door
  • 16x Evaporator
  • 4x 55kw Compressor
  • 3x 110kw Compressor
  • 1x Evaporative Condenser
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Wong Brothers have the proven track records and experience to design, construct, commission and maintain large refrigeration project to highest industry standards.

MAS Catering (MCSB) Building at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA), Sepang is an in-flight kitchen designed to produce 35,000 meals per day in phase I and can be expanded to cater 70,000 meals per day. This flight kitchen was operational in June 1998 for the opening of KLIA.

At MCSB KLIA, there are over 50 cold rooms with temperature range from 8 Celsius for tropical fruits storage to -35 Celsius blast freezing. The centralized refrigeration system serves over 200 evaporators with the capacity ranged from 1.1kw to 30kw per unit located on 3 floors via High Temperature (HT) and Low temperature (LT) circuits.

All the cold rooms are controlled by individual microprocessor, and can be remotely controlled by a personal computer located at Building Control and Management System (BCMS) room. To comply with airlines hygiene audit, temperature are recorded automatically at the personal computer.

The refrigeration system was design to minimize operation and maintenance cost, and constructed to ISO-9001, and Oil and Gas industry standard (e.g. welding was x-rayed). At the time of completion, this project worth RM12.0 million is largest, and the most extensive and complex refrigeration system in South East Asia.

Similar projects completed by Wong Brothers include MAS Advanced Cargo Complex at KLIA, Sepang in 1998; MAS Cargo at Subang Airport, 1995; MCSB flight kitchen at Subang Airport in 1989, and etc.

Summary of Specifications
Wong Brothers prefab polyurethane panels with 304 stainless finishes.
  • 50 units chiller room
  • 6 units freezer room
  • 2 units pass-through blast chiller
  • 3 units butchery room
  • 60 units rolled-in refrigerated cabinet
  • 14 units rolled-in blast chiller
  • 3 units rolled-in blast freezer
  • 4 units water chiller
  • 68 units hinged doors
  • 38 units sliding doors
  • 2 units 9MT tube ice machine
  • 3 units 200kw screw compressor
  • 2 units 160kw screw compressor
  • 2 units chilled water cooled condenser

Cold Store

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Wong Brothers is one of the first Malaysian refrigeration companies to design, install, and commission parallel screw compressor system. Our technical competency is among the highest in the country.

As part of people development, regular training is given to our designers, supervisors, and technicians. These professionals receive trainings and exposure from Britain, Germany and U.S.A in advanced refrigeration technology.

Our refrigeration system is designed according to ASHRAE standards and manufacturer guidelines to minimize operating cost, maintenance and repairing cost. Hence, generously sized condenser and only approved components are used.

All of the projects are supervised by our project team to ensure the installation compliance to specifications and complete on time. During testing and commission, systems are tested according to ASHRAE and industrial standards to ensure smooth and trouble free operation.

Summary of Specifications
Client :
KG Pastry Sdn. Bhd., Shah Alam
Completion :
August 2000
-20 C
Capacity :
Insulation :
Wong Brothers 125mm thick prefab polyurethane panels
Compressor :
3 unit of 60kw semi-hermetic screw in parallel connection
Condenser :
2 units water-cooled
Evaporator :
6 units of 30kw
Cooling tower :
1 unit 225 TR
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Mobile rack cold store offer high density storage compare with conventional selective racking system and is cost effective if land price is expensive.

The mobile rack cold store at Gold Cold Transport Sdn. Bhd., Shah Alam is the third mobile rack cold store constructed by us, compliance with HACCP. The floor is specially constructed to allow very high point load exerted by the mobile rack and flat surface for reach truck.

Design temperature :
-20C to -28C
Storage capacity :
4000 pallets
Freezer :
78.7w x 30.0l x 11.4h (m)
Ante room :
78.7w x 24.0l x 5.0h (m)
Insulation :
150mm Wong Brothers prefab polyurethane panels. Polyurethane panels is CFC free, high pressure injected at 42kg/m3.
Facing :
0.55mm polyester coated galvanized steel.
Door :
Eight(8) manual sliding door, six(6) hinged door and then (10) rolled-up sectional door.
Compressor :
six(6) units is two(2) ammonia circuits.
Evaporators :
Fourteen(14) units
Completion date :
June 2003
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Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) cold store is idea where land is a premium and stock control is demanding. To be cost effective, ASRS cold store is normally higher than 20 meters.

The ASRS cold store at Nitto Denko, Shah Alam is the second ASRS cold store constructed by us. To ensure safe and on time installation, a safe operation procedure (SOP) was implemented to the main contractor Kajima's requirement.

Design temperature :
Storage capacity :
1300 pallets
External dimension :
9.3W x 46.2L x 21.9H (m)
Internal volume :
9080 m3
Insulation :
100mm Wong Brothers prefab Polyurethane panels. Polyurethane is CFC free high pressured injected at 42kg/m3 density
Facing :
0.55mm polyester coated galvanized steel.
Door :
Two (2) automatic vertical sliding door and four(4) hinged
Floor :
100mm polyurethane slab and 200mm reinforced concrete.
Evaporators :
Six (6) unit 51.6kw unit cooler.
Condensing unit :
Four (4) set 40hp water-cooled condensing unit.
Completion date :
March 2004

Food Processing

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Funaddoo is a remote island in Maldives, with own power generating plant, seawater desalination plant, and etc. During summer monsoon months, can be isolated by weather for days. Hence, the systems for this project are designed to be simple, easy to maintain and ultra reliable.

The island was constructed from vacant, lacking normal support facilities and everything was imported. With proper planning and determine execution, the cold store and blast freezers was operational in 5 months from ordering.

To ensure first grade price in Europe, tuna is sorted in temperature controlled ante room, frozen to -20c core temperature with WB high air velocity blast freezers and stored at energy efficient, digital controlled freezer rooms.

Freezer capacity :
Compressor :
2 units 75hp semi-hermetic screw compressors
Evaporator :
6 units heavy duty unit-cooler
Blast freezer :
5 units of 8000kg/day. Each powered by a 75hp semi-hermetic screw compressor and one high air velocity unit-coolers.
Insulation :
100mm Wong Brothers prefab Polyurethane panels. Polyurethane is CFC free high pressured injected at 42kg/m3 density
Flake ice plant :
30 MT/day